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Rotary Distributors Technology

Optimized over more than 30 years, the technology of our Rotary Distributors for Trickling Filters is based on simplicity, efficiency and reliability.

Each project being unique, all our Rotary Distributors for Trickling Filters are custom-made, to match the requested technical requirements.


Po Variable Flow

While ensuring consistent distribution of the wastewater over the trickling filter, the flow can be adjusted for seasonal needs for example (higher flow during touristic season), daily needs (lower flow at night), or to adapt to future needs over a longer period of time.

These flow adjustments are automatically managed internally by the Rotary Distributor.


Po Water Supply from the bottom or the top

All types of installations are possible, with the water supply coming from the bottom, the top, and even for the bottom and the top simultaneously.

The Rotary Distributor can either be placed on a flange or suspended to a flange.

When suspended, the Rotary Distributor is hanging from a girder to facilitate the attachment of the inlet pipes.


Po Motorized or not

Either on its base or suspended, the Rotary Distributors can be motorized to allow the variation of the speed. Even when motorized the Rotary Distributors can be used manually to face an electrical problem. It’s an absolute guarantee for the station.


Po Consistent Distribution

It is essential to distribute the water as evenly as possible. Therefore, each distribution hole has a unique position, based on a calculation to spread the water evenly over the 2, 4 or 6 arms.

In the case of a variable flow with a ratio over 2 and 4 arms, and to guarantee a consistent distribution, the first flow will feed only 2 arms, and the higher flow will feed 4 arms. This is managed automatically within the Rotary Distributor, and it is adjustable manually.


Po Custom Made

Each Rotary Distributor is made-to-order.

FB Procédés performs all the necessary hydraulic calculations, and thanks to our experience, we can manufacture the distributor for all kinds of projects, either for new projects or to replace an existing distributor.