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Step Screen Type PROSTEP

on May 31, 2017

Supply and Installation of a Step Screen Type PROSTEP. The Step Screen Type PROSTEP is entirely made of Stainless Steel, and does not use...

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Bar Screen Type SI350 with Screw Compactor and Bagging System

on Jan 23, 2017

We recently supplied a Bar Screen Type SI350, equipped with a Screw Compactor and a Bagging System. Project Description Bar Screen Type...

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Bar Screen into Pump Station

on Dec 5, 2016

We have supplied a vertical Bar Screen for a Pump Station. The Bar Screen fits right into the pump station, and is mounted on the wall of...

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Bar Screen in Belgium

on Sep 7, 2016

For one of our clients in Belgium, we supplied a coarse screen and a maintenance platform, for a pumping station.   Project...

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2 Mechanical Screens into a Lift Pump Station

on Jul 26, 2016

We supplied 2 mechanical bar screens for a Lift Pump Station. Project Description 2 Vertical Bar Screens Type NG Material: stainless...

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Vertical Trash Rake into channel

on Jun 22, 2016

We supplied a vertical trash rake (bar screen) for a private company. Project Characteristics Vertical Trash Rake Type SG400 Full...

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