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Bar Screen Type NG


PuceBar Screen for flows up to 6 000 m3/h

The Bar Screen Type NG is the first Bar Screen designed by our company. It has been optimised over the last 30 years thanks to the feedback of our many clients.

It is entirely custom built according to the technical requirements of the project. It’s a vertical Bar Screen, that uses a grapple rake hold by a polyester strap to rake the screen and discharge the waste into a container.

The Bar Screen Type NG can be adapted to any civil works, several options are available, and its design allows either fine or coarse screening, from 3 mm to 30 mm. It covers a great range of projects, with a width between 450 to 2 000 mm, and a depth up to 17 000 mm.

This Bar Screen can handle flows up to 6 000 m3/h.

Using our unique and innovative Gravity-Based Screening System, this Bar Screen has a simple design, making it extremely robust, reliable, easy to operate, maintain, and it can fit either small or large stations.


Dégrilleur Type NGPuceSpecificities

  • Upstream waste discharge
  • Can be adapted to all types of new or existing civil works (channel, station, etc.)
  • Simple design = extreme reliability
  • Custom-built
  • Low operating costs and easy maintenance
  • Parts subject to wear and electrical equipment are out of water
  • Waste directly discharged into a container or other receptacle


PuceTechnical Characteristics

  • Max. flow rate:  6 000 m3/h
  • Screening level: 3 to 60 mm
  • Width : 450 to 2 000 mm
  • Max. depth under installation plane: 17 000 mm
  • Max. total height : 21 000 mm
  • Upstream discharge
  • Slope : 0°
  • Material: full stainless steel 304L, 316L or mixed


PuceExamples of installations



Technical Sheet Bar Screen Type NG

Technical Sheet Bar Screen Type NG